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5 Creative Ways to Sample Everyday Objects on Your Desk for Music Production

Sampling is a technique used in music production to extract a portion of an existing audio recording and incorporate it into a new composition. It's a popular technique among music producers, and with the rise of home studios, sampling has become even more accessible to the average person.

You don't need to go out into the world to find samples to use in your music. Instead, you can look to your immediate surroundings, particularly your desk space, to find unique and interesting sounds to sample. In this post, we'll explore 5 creative ways to sample everyday objects on your desk for music production.

Office Supplies

Your desk is likely filled with a variety of office supplies that can make interesting sounds. For example, a stapler can create a percussive sound that you can use as a rhythm in your composition. Similarly, a pencil sharpener can create a unique sound that can add texture to your music.


Electronic devices on your desk, such as a computer or a printer, can also make interesting sounds. The sounds of these devices turning on or off can be used as transitions between sections in your music. You can also sample the sounds of keystrokes or mouse clicks to create a unique rhythm.


If you have a coffee mug or a metal spoon on your desk, you can create interesting sounds by tapping on them or dropping them on your desk. These sounds can be used as percussion or atmospheric elements in your music.


The sound of crumpling paper or tearing pages out of a notebook can be used as a percussive element in your music. These sounds can add texture and a sense of movement to your composition.


If you have a plant on your desk, you can sample the sound of leaves rustling or water dripping from a watering can. These natural sounds can add an organic and calming element to your music.

Sampling everyday objects on your desk is a fun and creative way to incorporate unique sounds into your music production. With a little experimentation and creativity, you can turn the mundane objects in your workspace into powerful tools for your music-making.

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