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Neon Exhibition

Elevate Your Space with your own Laser Lightshow 🔵 🔴 🟢

✨Unleash the magic of viral sensations right in your home or amp up your professional setup with our cutting-edge Laser Bass Light! With technology straight from the most jaw-dropping viral lightshows, this laser is your ticket to creating unforgettable visual spectacles.


🔥 Features:

  • Professional Grade: Designed for both enthusiastic home users and seasoned professionals.
  • 3D RGB Animation: Dazzling 3D effects with vibrant RGB colors, creating an immersive experience.
  • Versatile Control: Easy-to-use with Auto, DMX512, and Master/Slave modes. Whether you're a tech newbie or a pro, you'll be crafting shows like a DJ in no time.
  • Sound Activation: Syncs with your music for dynamic, beat-driven light shows. Perfect for parties, DJ sets, or any event craving a pulse of excitement.
  • Vivid Multi-Color Displays: Red, green, blue, and yellow beams combine for multi-colored patterns and hundreds of effects. Transform your space into a visual masterpiece.


💡 Pro Tip: Pair with a fog machine to unlock the full spectrum of beams and animations, just like in the viral videos!


Whether it's lighting up your living room dance floor or adding a professional glow to events, our Laser Bass Light is your go-to for creating memorable light shows. Dive into a world where music meets light, and every beat brings a burst of color and animation.


🚀 Ready to own the spotlight? Click add to cart and bring the viral sensation to your doorstep!

3D Animation Laser

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