Ruby Red Keys – an all-encompassing collection of world-class keys for productions in a wide range of musical genres. Ruby Red Keys is 100% Royalty Free, and perfect to add some vital keyboard flair to your tracks!


Ruby Red Keys has 36 superbly played and sampled keyboard loops featuring glorious Pianos, Organs, Fender Rhodes and Electronic synthesizers to add presence and soul to your tracks. Layered with Analog and Digital effects. In an astonishing range of keys, this pack brings you both Audio and MIDI to provide immediate sounds and building blocks for future tracks in your DAW – 100% Music Theory approved MIDI Chord Progressions.


Ruby Red Keys has a full range of tempos and tones to deliver the goods – with smoked laid back vibes, soft tones and subtly nuanced melodies, mixed with more upbeat riffs to add complexity to the tracks! If you need any sort of keys for your tracks, you can be sure to find some gold in this pack!


At tempos from 50 to 180BPM, Ruby Red Keys is ideal for Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, EDM, Downtempo and many more genres. Ruby Red Keys is a rock solid collection of keys to add to your library!



In detail expect to find 148 MB of content with 36 individual 24 Bit Wav files and 35 individual MIDI files. All labeled with BPM and Key!

Ruby Red Keys [Sample Pack]

    • 24Bit
    • WAV
    • 48KHZ
    • 36 Wav Loops
    • 35 MIDI Loops
    • Pianos, Organs, Rhodes, Synths